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DIGITALLYSUPPLY.COM isn’t your typical online retailer. We live in a new era of digital distribution, in which everything is accessible and affordable through your computer or phone. We have been selling software products since 2017, so we have gained enough experience and how to take care of our valued customers and respond to their needs and inquiries and provide Special service , lowest available pricing – in fact, it is our sole objective.

Our Services

We are selling genuine software

We provide you with a product key. And you will know that it is a genuine product key. How? Because you don’t get the product key from us. You get the product key from Microsoft. Microsoft will email you about the product key. It will be held for you in your Microsoft account so that you can never lose it. Plus you can access the product key whenever you want.

Even better, the product key you get when you buy software from us is a special type of product key, called a Multiple Activation product key. Why is it special? Well, if your computer dies or you replace it, you can install your software on a new one and activate it again using this Multiple Activation product key.

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