Last updated: July 06, 2022

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using Our Service.

Digitally Supply strives to provide our customers with excellent assistance and with a fair return services. We promise a working activation of the purchased software or your money back! To ensure our customers are satisfied with the product(s) they order, we offer a 15 day return period. Please note that digital products can be refunded only if they are not valid/working (online/phone activation fails) and this is requested via email to [email protected] or live chat within 15 days of the purchase. More information of when we do accept the return can be found bellow.

Our promise is that if you contact us for help within the first 15 days of purchase and we cannot fix your activation problem, we’ll provide a FULL REFUND IMMEDIATELY.

All Products sold on DigitallySupply.com includes 1 year of support warranty.


  • The product is defective, not valid/working (online/phone activation fails) (defective licenses will be replaced or refunded depending on customer’s choice.)

Please keep in mind all licenses sold by DigitallySupply.com are valid for 1 unique PC and cannot be transferred. (unless specified otherwise)


  • Customer changed his mind or did placed an order by mistake(due to nature of a digital item, we do not allow returns for this reason)
  • Software is not compatible with customer hardware (software compatibility is entirely a responsibility of the customer). example 1, purchases a windows software package for a MAC machine example 2, purchases a product suitable for windows 10 only, but has a windows 8 operating system.
  • More than 1 year has passed since you have purchased the product*

DigitallySupply.com does not take liability for any underlying local issues with the computer that could prevent the normal functioning of any software sold.

* Applies to Microsoft 365 Personal

By placing an order on our site you automatically agree with our Return Policy. We reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms at any time.

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